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Creme Caramel is a custard dessert with whipped creme eggs topped with caramelized sugar. It is French origin and known as cream turned upside down. This dessert became famous across Europe. When the cane sugar was imported to France, southern Italy and Spain, It brought to the European their love of custard desserts, one of them was creme caramel.

I took this recipe from a dear friend, it has been passed on from her mother, and it has been getting a lot of success through out the years.

prep. time: 15 mins cooking time: 40 mins


serves: 4 to 5

5 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

5 tbsp sugar

4 cups of milk

Zest of a lemon

3/4 cup of sugar for the caramel

PREPARATION: Heat the oven to 375 degrees F (180 TO 190 C). In a small pot put the sugar for the caramel over medium heat, bring to boil and stir gently until a caramel colour forms, be careful not to let it burn. Pour the caramel liquid into a 20 cm deep round cake pan, turn it all around to coat the base and the edges around as much as you can then set aside to cool.

Now in a deep bowl, mix the eggs, the vanilla and the lemon zest using a whisk or an electric mixer. Add the milk and the sugar then mix all the ingredients together very well. When the caramel in the pan gets cold and start cracking, pour the egg mixture. Waiting for the caramel to get cold helps you to have a delicious caramel without the smell of the egg rancid.

Now put the creme pan in a larger oven pot surrounded with water "bain marine" Bake for 35 to 40 mins or until the cream thickens well and becomes a little light golden. After it cools off, put the pan in the fridge for 6 hours or overnight before serving. You have to Loosen the sides with a knife or spatula before flipping the Crème Caramel or else it will be ruined. It is an amazing dessert which everyone likes so give it a try. It is easy, simple and delicious and don't be afraid of the eggs, the zest of a whole lemon gives it an amazing flavor and delightful taste.


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