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Raisin bran cake: I have tried so many bran cake recipes but this is one of the best. I have found the perfectly balanced proportion of moisture to make the super moist bran cake.

It is one of my favorite desserts, also apple crumble is a favorite choice too. I guess it is difficult choosing one because these home made desserts are irresistible and once you try it once, it is hard not to prepare a fresh one yourself.

Prep. time: 35 mins Cooking time: 45 mins

INGREDIENTS: serves: 10 to 12

1 1/4 cup bran flakes

1 cup milk

3 eggs

1 tsp. vanilla

1 tsp. whisky or rum

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup oil

2 1/2 cups flour

2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 cup raisins

1/2 cup walnut crushed coarsely

PREPARATION: Soak the bran flakes in the milk for 15 mins. or until it softens. Heat the oven at 375 degrees F (180 to 190 C). In a large deep bowl mix the eggs with the vanilla and rum using an electric blender or a whisk. Add the mixture of the bran flakes, the oil, the sugar and mix again.

In a separate bowl blend the flour and baking powder then add it to the bran mixture beating at low speed until well blended. Add the raisins and the crushed walnuts and mix them all together. Now grease and line a 25 cm cake pan, pour the batter then sprinkle the walnuts all over the top after breaking them with your fingers. Bake for 45 mins. or until a wooden toothpick inserted into the middle and comes out clean. This cake is incredibly delicious and moist, once you prepare it for your family or guests, they are going to love the nutty bran flavor to the point you might not have any leftover.

I like to have a piece myself with my afternoon coffee so give it a try once and you won't regret having this amazing and healthy cake in your cuisine.


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