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Hummus: Chickpeas is the main ingredient of a traditional hummus and it is an excellent source of a dietary fibre. In fact the word hummus means chick peas in Lebanon.

Hummus is made from chickpeas that have been cooked and mashed, then blended with tahini (a paste made from sesame seeds), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic if desire. I personally do it without the garlic.

Prep. time: 15 mins

Serves: 4 to 5


1 1/2 cups of cooked chick peas

1/2 cup tahini

1/2 cup lemon juice

1 tsp salt or as desire

1/4 cup vegetable oil or mixed with olive oil

1/4 cup water

If you like to do it from scratch, I usually do one kilo of dried chick peas to freeze the rest. Wash the dried chick peas, soak in hot water and leave over night. In the morning wash them, drain and put on them 2 tsp of carbonate soda, mix well and set aside for half an hour. Wash again very well, put them in a cooking pot then add water to cover the chick peas. Put them on the stove over high heat at the beginning. When it comes to boil, clean all the white froth that comes up. Add 1 and a half tsp salt then cover the pot, reduce the heat and let it cook for one hour or until done.

PREPARATION: Drain the chick peas in a strainer, you can do it in a processor or use an electric food mixer. Blend the chick peas after cooling, then add the rest of the ingredients and blend very well until you get the most delicious and satisfying hummus ever. You can add one crushed clove of garlic to the mixture if you desire. I prefer to do it without garlic, I find it more delicious without it and this method wouldn't change the taste of hummus if it lasted few days in the fridge.

I always have cooked and drained chick peas ready in the freezer, this way makes blending hummus is as easy as preparing a sandwich.

Hummus makes a wonderful snack, it is actually found on each Lebanese table as one of the best appetizer (meza).

Try this blend and you will have in few minutes a bowl of hummus with an amazing taste you won't forget.



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