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Nothing beats a kibbeh w labn afternoon

Officially, it's known as kibbeh bil sayniyeh, which literally means "throw in a tray". Kibbeh here used as a pun.


Roy - To foreigners, this dish might seem like a strange concept. I remember back in 2011, after I first moved to Norway, I decided to host a Lebanese dinner. After hours of consulting with Mama over skype on what to cook, Kibbeh found itself on the menu. End result wasn't even close to what I was used to eating all my life of course, but what came of it is probably the funniest comment I've ever received to a dish I've made:

- "So wait a minute, this dish is meat, in between two layers of meat dough? Like a meat pie but entirely made of meat."

- "Ummm.. yes, that is correct" I said with a loud laugh!

There was no way to justify it. It just rocks, and you have to accept it!

A sandwich of this with a glass of airan on the side on a warm summer day, now that's what I call an after-school meal for a starving boy!

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