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Orange blossom flower & rose water

Orange blossom water:

Orange blossom water is used almost in every Lebanese dessert, it has an irresistible flavor. To people who don’t know orange blossom water's flavor is a surprise. Once you taste it alone, the finish on the tongue is pleasantly bitter, much like chewing on orange peel. It is irresistible once you add it to any of our lebanese desserts like maamoul, namoura, mafrouke and many more. Orange blossom water has a distinguished flavour and aroma in addition of having it with a cup hot water as a soothing and calming tea.

Rose water:

Rose water is one of the traditional elements of Lebanese food and a delicate addition to many sweets. It is a traditional supplement in many of our amazing desserts. Rose water has been used for centuries around the globe for its healing powers, but where it really makes a difference is on your skin. Since it has very strong anti-inflammatory properties, you can apply it to reduce the redness from irritated or over-heated skin.

Its aroma is a great mood elevator and makes your mind shake off the feelings of anxiety and stress.

There is a variety of Lebanese desserts with a delicious taste of rose water like mouhalabiyeh, sahlab, ousmaliyeh, namoura and many more. For example the traditional maamoul can’t be done without the aromatic touch of rose water. These two inseparable bottles are always found in my liquid pantry cupboard.

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