Essential Pantries Pine nuts, almonds,

walnuts and pistachios

Pine nuts:

Pine nuts are found in Europe and places with a Mediterranean climate species where are widely harvested. I use pine nuts more than any other kind in my recipes. It has been known for a long time in our Lebanese cuisine. Kebbeh, fatteh, chicken rice and many more won’t be the same without adding the amazing taste of the crunchy roasted pine nuts. I also use them in my desserts.

These delicious nuts are crunchy yet butter textured, pleasantly sweet especially after roasting them. In addition of the health benefits and the nutrition they contain.


Almonds are species of a tree native to Mediterranean climate regions of the middle east. In Lebanon we enjoy the green almonds in its season which is the beginning of spring, and that before it becomes hard for cracking. the warm weather is another reason to it growing many almond trees in Lebanon.

Almonds are high in calcium, iron and many vitamins. The health benefits of almonds have been documented for centuries. Almonds make a great addition to many of my favorite dishes and desserts.

I usually remove the almonds skin after soaking them overnight or for few hours before roasting them if I didn’t find the good blanched ones.You won’t believe the crunchy nutty taste of almonds while eating the chicken and rice, sayadiyeh, makloube and many more dishes, in addition of many desserts like mafrouke, moghly, maamoul and also so many more.


The most common species of walnuts are grown for their seeds – the Persian or English walnut. The English walnut originated in Persia. I have tasted many times walnuts while still green and picked from a tree in the mountains, it is one of the most delicious nuts and have different nutty buttery taste.

These nuts are rich in omega-3 fats and contain higher amounts of antioxidants than most other foods. Eating walnuts may improve brain health while also helping to prevent heart disease and cancer.

Walnuts are consumed majorly in many of my delightful deserts like maamoul, katayef and many more.


Pistachios is a small tree originated in Central Asia and also Middle East that’s why fresh shelled pistachios are well known in our cuisine especially as a nut healthy snack.

Archaeology shows that pistachio seeds were a common food as early as thousands years BC. Pistachio nuts are not just tasty and fun to eat, they're also super healthy and nutritious. They are high in protein, fiber and antioxidants. They also contain several essential nutrients and have benefits for weight loss, as well as heart health. That’s why I use these nuts a lot in my cuisine for the desserts in addition of the amazing, crunchy and distinguished taste they have.