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Kishik, Zaatar and Sumac

Kishik: Kishik is made of coarse burghul or cracked wheat soaked in yogurt for few days then dried. It is the Lebanese food heritage for years and it is prepared in the summer at the the peak of the sun. Kishik is spread on white sheets on the rooftops of Lebanese villages and left to dry before it is grounded. It is always handy in my pantry especially on a cold winter day a bowl of hot kishik soup would be delicious and warming, adding to that a mankoushe made of kishik, tomatoes, onions, olive oil, sesame and finally walnuts with a taste you can't resist.


A delicious fresh zaatar mankoushe will arouse the longing to an aromatic and extravagant lebanese breakfast with the smell flowing all over your kitchen. You can not resist the taste of the oregano, sumac and sesame seeds blend in addition of olive oil on a special homemade dough.Thyme is another herb with a strong flavor and warm aroma that makes it a brilliant addition to savory dishes. Fatoush won’t be the same for me without the distinguished taste of thyme.

when I was young I used to hear always my mom saying: A sandwich of zaatar in the morning before heading to school helps your brain to work well in class. I used this method with my children to convince them of the health benefits in zaatar and olive oil in a sandwich. I found out later that it aids memory and brain power due to increased circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain.


The sumac plant is native to the Middle East, it produces deep red berries which are dried and pounded into coarse powder.

Sumac has a tart sour flavor that is sometimes substituted for lemons in recipes. Because of its citrus taste, sumac is a lovely addition to dressings such as fatoush, shawarma and the stuffing of vegetarian kebbeh and many more delicious Lebanese dishes. Sumac has many health benefits as an anti-inflammatory that helps fight colds and flu in addition that it is affective in regulating cholesterol. Give it a try with your eggs, It gives your breakfast a distinctive taste. I can tell you that before my sumac jar is finished, a new amount will be ready in my pantry.

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