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Essential Pantries "Onions and Garlic"


This ordinary vegetable is conferred with extraordinary nutritional and health benefits. It is also antioxidant as well as it gives the food an amazing flavor.

This almost daily useful vegetable keeps your heart healthy. They are also one of the staple vegetables with a great flavor and relished by almost everyone. It is my pleasure to say I am satisfied of preparing most of my authentic dishes with onions. I added it raw to my tabouli and fattoush in addition of preparing most of my amazing dishes which include onions.


Garlic is native to Central Asia and has long been a common seasoning worldwide, with a history of several thousand years of human consumption and use. It was known to ancient Egyptians and has been used both as a food flavouring and a traditional medicine.

Garlic is delicious and easy to add to your food. It appears to be an antioxidant and has many beneficial effects on your health. Garlic can combat sickness Including the cold especially when having it as a tea.

I use garlic cloves widely in my dishes for its distinctive flavor or as seasoning especially when I crush it and mix it with olive oil and lemon juice. I add it also to tahini mixture like our famous hummus, samkeh harra, baba ghanouj and many more. It is my joy using garlic in almost every dish for its health benefits which my family profits from.

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